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Speciality Foods of Africa

Speciality Foods of Africa is a Zimbabwean company working to sustainably commercialise indigenous natural resources, by engaging rural communities in the harvesting and preprocessing of indigenous products. This provides alternative income for rural producers while encouraging conservation of their natural resources.

Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability is central to the Speciality Foods of Africa ethos. We train our suppliers in the sustainable harvesting of the raw materials and we work with stakeholders and suppliers to ensure that environmental sustainability stays top of the agenda and all our work meets national regulations and international guidelines. As members of The Union For Ethical Biotrade and PhytoTrade Africa, we adhere to the principles of those charters.

Fair Trade

At Speciality Foods of Africa, (SFA) we thrive on becoming the leading producer and supplier of fairly traded, natural food products from Africa. We trade in natural products that include baobab, marula, indigenous teas and indigenous oils.We encourage rural communities to protect their natural resources through sustainable harvesting methods and by paying fair prices for their resources and their work.   We work closely with an environmental NGO, Southern Alliance for Indigenous Resources (SAFIRE), who provide our producers with training in sustainable harvesting methods.

Supply Chain

Ladies Carrying BoababWhilst SFA’s main focus in on processing wild, natural and indigenous resources into finished food products, the company is increasingly becoming involved in the early stages of the supply chain. Not only is this aimed at validating the company’s payoff line which states that products are ‘Sustainably Harvested and Fairly Traded.’


SFA is committed to working and improving the livelihoods of the rural communities it works with. SFA works with organised women groups in Muzarabani, Rushinga, Mbire, Mudzi, Mutoko, Murewa, Chivi, Binga, Plumtree and Nyanga for the harvesting and preprocessing of various natural products.  The women are trained in sustainable harvesting methods. SFA purchases raw materials from the communities which in turn provide them with a source of income. These communities have benefited immensely from this process, as some of the women are now able to send their children to school, access basic  health services, purchase basic commodities with the income they receive.

Our Way

Speciality Foods of Africa products are:

  • Natural: produced without use of chemicals and artificial substances,
  • Healthy: because of their nutritional composition, the products impart health benefits to those who consume them
  • Fairly traded: everyone along the supply chain is fairly remunerated for their contribution to the finished product.
  • Above all: delicious!

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Where to find us

If you are looking to buy Tulimara or Yobab products, try your nearest superstore. If you are a retailer or wholesaler, get in touch now!

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We really value your feedback. Please get in touch with us. 

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