The Yobab brand consists of baobab derived products.

Baobab is also known as the upside down tree because of its appearance. It has become an iconic symbol for many women living in low lying areas of Zimbabwe.  With little rainfall and agricultural activity taking place in these areas, the baobab has become a source of income for these organised women groups. SFA trains the community groups on sustainable harvesting and processing of baobab fruit. The women’s groups receive money from these sales which they use to improve and better their livelihoods. Baobab fruit contains tartaric acid and fruit acids that give it its sharp sour taste. It is rich in vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Potassium and many other vital nutrients. It is commonly snacked upon by sucking the white powder covering the dark brown seed, or soaked in water or milk to make a refreshing drink.  Under the Yobab brand, the following baobab based products are offered:

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baobab pod cracked open showing the powder in it's natural form